Family Office & Financial Services

Sovereign Advisors Bahamas Attorneys - Family Office & Financial Services

Whether setting up an investment fund, a Private Trust Company, your own office or joining an existing multi-family office, we set up the best structure for you.

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Trusts, Wills & Estate Planning

Sovereign Advisors Bahamas Attorneys - Trusts, Wills & Estate Planning

Interested in succession planning ? Are you are a Trustee, Beneficiary or Protector of a Trust ?  Whatever your query we can help you.

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Real Estate & Property Management

Sovereign Advisors Bahamas Attorneys - Real Estate & Property Management

Purchasing a home or vacation property ? Interested in developing vacant land? Looking to Sell? Need help with maintenance? 

We're here to help.

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Sovereign Advisors Bahamas Attorneys - Immigration & Visas

Looking to take up residence? Need to travel with the Nanny? Have to hire a foreign executive or employee? Need to register your yacht crew? 

We can help!

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Maritime & Aviation

Sovereign Advisors Bahamas Attorneys - Maritime & Aviation

Want to register your ship or yacht under the Bahamian flag? Interested in private air charter? 

We can do that. 

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Corporate & Business Services

Sovereign Advisors Bahamas Attorneys - Corporate, Business & Entreprenuers

Whether setting up a company to hold assets or to operate a business we have the team and tools to make it happen.

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Family Office & Financial Services

Sovereign Advisors Bahamas Attorneys - Family Office & Financial Services

Family Office Creation & Management

A ‘family office’ can be comprised of a great many things but our experience has lead us to believe that they all require at least these three: (i) a solid structure, (ii) a clear purpose, and (iii) sound advice. At Sovereign we assist our clients in these respects and much, much more. 

Our team works with and advises single and multi-family offices on a wide variety of matters concerning their operation in The Bahamas and their ability to continue to invest in the global economy. We regularly work with advisors and external asset managers across jurisdictions to provide clients with the support, wealth management, and tax solutions that best fit their lifestyle and investment goals. Locally, we assist clients with everything from residential housing and office space to immigration and employment matters.


Our years of experience in the Banking and Financial Services industries has made us proficient and well equipped to advise clients in creating and managing a compendium of wealth management tools including: 

  • Trusts
  • Investment Funds 
  • Private Trust Companies
  • Purpose Trusts 
  • Private Holding Companies

We also have a wealth of experience advising clients on the licensing and regulatory requirements related to investing in and from the Bahamas. This includes obtaining licenses and regulatory approval from the Securities Commission of The Bahamas and the Central Bank of The Bahamas. Our team is also certified to offer compliance and anti-money laundering services to family offices and service providers alike.

Investment Fund Creation, Regulation & Compliance

We regularly advise clients on the establishment and licensing of a variety of investment funds including:

  • Professional Funds 
  • SMART Funds 
  • ICON (Investment Condominium) 

Our advice typically addresses the requirements to set up a fund, drafting of the memorandum and articles of association or other such constitutive documents and preparation of the offering documents and material contracts of the investment fund. We also assist our clients with management of the application process for swift approvals by the Regulator. Through our network of service partners we are also able to offer our clients licensed fund administration services. 

Private Trust Company Creation, Management & Regulation

A private trust company (“PTC”) is typically set up for a family that wishes to establish a series of trusts and desires to maintain a level of control over the Trustee and administration of the Trusts. Our team are familiar and proficient in the creation and management of PTCs and we advise clients on their regulatory and operational requirements.

Financial Services Licensing, Regulation & Compliance

We advise private banks and independent trust companies on their licensing, regulation and compliance requirements. This includes liaising with the the Central Bank of the Bahamas, the regulator of Banks and Trusts in the Bahamas. 

Anyone wishing to carry on a securities business, including fund administration, in or from within The Bahamas must be licensed by the Securities Commission of The Bahamas. We advise securities businesses including broker dealers, investment advisors and managers and fund administrators on the regulatory and financial requirements for registration and licensing by the Securities Commission of The Bahamas. 

AML/ CFT & FATCA Compliance & Consultation

Our team is certified to provide compliance for a wide array of financial services products including family offices, investment funds, and financial service providers. Our experience administering products also gives us unique insight when advising on FATCA and CRS compliance. We are regularly consulted on matters relating to filing and classification under these reporting regimes.  

Trusts, Wills & Estate Planning

Sovereign Advisors Bahamas Attorneys - Trusts, Wills & Estate Planning Trustee; Beneficiary; Settlor

Trusts & Foundations

Planning to pass on wealth to the next generation can be a very personal and intimate process. It is imperative that your advisors have a firm understanding of your needs and goals in this regard. At Sovereign we know this process well and appreciate its intricacies. We advise local and international clients on this process and have extensive experience working across borders and jurisdictions with other client advisors to obtain the best solutions available.


Our team have the unique advantage of having both legal and practical experience in the formation and administration of trusts and other fiduciary products such as foundations, private trust companies, Bahamas Executive Entities and others. Having spent years administering these products, we understand the many dynamics at play and as a result we are better placed than most to advise Trustees, Settlors, Beneficiaries and Protectors on all aspects of the creation and administration of trusts, including:

  • Asset Protection
  • Distributions & Accounting
  • Investment powers & oversight 
  • Exercise of powers 
  • Drafting of Deeds of Release & Indemnity 
  • Drafting of Trustee Resolutions & Minutes 
  • Deeds of Amendment & Variation

Protector Advice & Services

A Protector of a Trust plays a unique role in the trust's administration in that they are often a trusted party whose advice is relied upon by the Settlor, Beneficiary and Trustee alike. As such, it’s important that Protectors have solid independent legal advice in the exercise of their duties under the trust. Our team’s experience with administering trusts holds us in good stead when we advise Protectors on the exercise of their powers under a Trust. We advise Protectors on matters including:

  • Powers of Distribution 
  • Powers of Investment 
  • Powers to add/remove Beneficiaries 
  • Powers to loan proceeds from Trust

Additionally, we provide a select few clients with professional services for those looking for an experienced and independent Protector with integrity. 

Wills & Probate

Our team are proficient and experienced in the creation of Wills, Codicils and Powers of Attorney for those seeking to succession plan. We are able to assist you with the preparation of a Last Will and Testament and we routinely provide advice on asset protection, investment, and succession to local and international clients. 

Our expertise includes making applications for Probate and Letters of Administration, Resealing of Foreign Estates, and all other matters related to the administration of wills and probate.

Real Estate & Property Management

Sovereign Advisors Bahamas Attorneys - Real Estate & Property Management; Home; Realtor

Real Estate Sales & Development

At Sovereign, we provide advice on all aspects of commercial and residential real estate transactions. We have represented both local and international clients in the acquisition and disposition of homes, office buildings and marina slips. Our team also has experience structuring and advising on commercial and development projects including residential, condominium, office and commercial developments.  

We have experience working across borders with advisors in multiple jurisdictions and advise our clients on conveyances, mortgages and real property tax matters. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Mortgages
  • Conveyances      
  • Bahamas Investment Board Approvals (purchases/investments by foreign persons)
  • Title Opinions & Quieting of Title Actions
  • Real Property Tax Resolution

Contact Us below to enquire how we may be able to help you. 

Property Management

Through our network of service partners we have built a team of local professionals to assist with the maintenance, security, and management of your commercial or residential property. Contact us to discuss how best we can assist you in maintaining and growing your property value. 


Sovereign Advisors Bahamas Attorneys - Immigration & Visas

Residency & Permits

We assist our clients with obtaining the relevant residency permit to ensure that they can travel to and from The Bahamas at liberty. Our services include:

  • Annual & Permanent Residency
  • Spousal permits
  • Homeowner's Card 
  • Permit to reside

Work Visa Applications

  • Temporary Work Permits
  • Annual Permits
  • Renewal of Work Permits 

Maritime & Aviation

Sovereign Advisors Bahamas Maritime & Aviation Specialists, Law, Consulting, Shipping, Aircraft

Admiralty & Shipping Registry

The Bahamas maintains one of the largest shipping registries in the world with over 1,700 vessels comprising approximately 50 million gross tonnage under registration. Our team assists shipping companies, operators, and owners navigate the structuring and regulatory requirements in all aspects of registering and operating their ships under the Bahamian flag. We work alongside the Bahamas Maritime Authority to manage the documentation process in order to bring efficient service and targeted results to our clients. Our range of services include (but are not limited to):

  • Holding Company incorporation & regulation 
  • Ship Registration – documentation preparation and application management 
  • Ship Mortgages & Financing – including drafting & review of security documents 
  • Sale & Purchase of Bahamian Flagged Ships

Yacht Registry

The Bahamas, building on the success of it’s large shipping registry, has committed to developing a yacht registry focused on pleasure and charter yachts. To that end, the Bahamas Yacht Code was developed and came into effect in November, 2011. Our team can assist yacht owners and charter operators navigate the application and documentation process and ensure compliance with regulation in this sector. 

Aviation & Aircraft Licensing & Registration

As a constituent Member State of ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) The Bahamas maintains and ensures all aircraft licensed and registered in The Bahamas adhere to ICAO standards of operation and maintenance.  Our team at Sovereign presently advise personal, charter and commercial operators with their licensing and regulatory requirements as governed by the Civil Aviation Authority. 

Our team can also assist private and commercial operators with registration of their aircraft. As aircraft registered in The Bahamas must be owned by either a Bahamian citizen, permanent resident or Company, we can assist clients with the corporate structuring necessary in order to have their aircraft registered.


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Corporate & Business Services

Holdun Corporate Services Ltd.

Holdun Corporate Services Ltd. is an affiliate of Sovereign Advisors and joint partnership with Holdun Family Office. It is a licensed financial and corporate services provider under the Financial and Corporate Services Providers ("FCSP") Act, 2000. Regulated by the Securities Commission of The Bahamas, Holdun Corporate Services Ltd. is licensed to carry out asset structuring and corporate administration services which include: 

  • Establishment and management of International Business Companies (“IBC’s”) & local Bahamian Companies
  • Registered Office/ Registered Agent of Bahamian IBCs and Domestic Corporate entities including:
    • Annual Filings
    • Certificate of Good Standing
    • Corporate Secretary
    • Annual General Meeting
    • Resolutions
  • Incorporation & Registered Office/Agent of Bahamas SMART Funds
  • Establishment of Investment Condominiums (“ICON”) & Registered Agent Services
  • Establishment of a Bahamian Foundation & Registered Agent Services
  • Establishment of Private Trust Company & Registered Representative Services
  • Establishment and Management of a Bahamian Executive Entity
  • Trustee of a Bahamian Purpose Trust
  • Establishment of Bahamian Charities and Non-Profit Entities & Registered Agent Services
  • Dissolution Of Domestic and International Business Companies 
  • Foreign Company registrations
  • Liquidations 

Our team of practicing attorneys and bank professionals have over 20 years combined experience in corporate and asset structuring in the Bahamas. We aim to offer tailored solutions to your asset structuring needs and we frequently work across jurisdictions with a client and/or their advisors to obtain the best solution available. 

Through our network of partnerships we are also able to offer fund administration and trustee services both in The Bahamas and in the Cayman Islands.  

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Entreprenuers, Business Establishment & Regulation

At Sovereign, we assist both local and foreign entrepreneurs and established businesses navigate the regulatory hurdles in setting up and operating a business in the Bahamas. These services and advice include: 


Foreign Investors:

  • Bahamas Investment Authority Approval
  • Central Bank of the Bahamas designation
  • Department of Immigration approvals and permits

Local Operators:

  • National Insurance Board
    • Registration
    • Monthly filing
    • Monthly payments

  • Business License
    • Obtaining New Business License
    • License Renewals

  • Value Added Tax
    • Registration
    • Related Tax Advice

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